Boiler Repair in Cannock | 4 Key Causes of Boiler Leaks

As a trusted plumbing and heating company, we fix all kinds of leaks for homeowners in Cannock and the neighbouring areas. This often involves undertaking boiler repairs to solve problems with leaking boilers. It can be difficult to determine the cause of your boiler leak without taking the unit apart. As such, it’s vital only certified engineers carry out work on your boiler or heating system. With industry training and Gas Safe accreditation, we ensure safe and high-quality solutions. However, to help prevent issues, it’s important you know the common causes of boiler leaks.


The following are some of the main issues we uncover when called to leaking boilers in Cannock:

1. Corrosion


Corrosion is a very common problem that causes boiler leaks in Cannock. When components corrode, they let water escape which leads to further problems such as loss of pressure and lower efficiency.


If corrosion is only affecting one valve or pipe, boiler repairs can involve simply replacing this one component. However, if corrosion is more extensive, it is often cheaper and safer to replace the entire boiler.


The best way to avoid widespread and expensive damage is with periodic maintenance, including annual boiler servicing. This ensures we catch any problems early and fix them with suitable boiler repairs before they become serious.


2. Pipe Fittings


Leaks from pipe fittings in Cannock indicate an incorrect installation. If this is the case, it’s essential to resolve the issue to ensure your boiler is safe and effective. As Gas Safe engineers, we can often carry out boiler repairs to bring faulty installations up to code. However, in extreme cases it may be necessary to replace the boiler.


3. Pressure Valve


If you notice a leak from your pressure valve, this is a sign that the pressure of your boiler is too high. When the boiler pressure exceeds the recommended level (about 1-1.5 bar), water leaks from the pressure release valve. This prevents the boiler rupturing by removing some of the excess pressure.


Call Parker & Son Plumbing & Heating in Cannock if your boiler pressure is too high. We inspect your system to provide an accurate diagnosis before carrying out maintenance and/or boiler repairs.


A common cause of increased pressure is a build-up of limescale or other debris in the system. We remove this and reseal valves to maintain the safety of the pressure release system.


4. Temperature Valve


A leak from the temperature valve of your boiler may mean the temperature is too high. Often, this is the result of faulty sensors and can result in scalding water coming out your taps. When undertaking boiler repairs, we replace broken sensors to maintain the safety of your home in Cannock.

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